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15 June 2016 @ 09:32 am
Letter to the editor  
I sent another letter to the editor to the Globe and Mail that got published.

I was reading an opinion piece by columnist Margaret Wente on the Orlando shootings where she suggested among other things that somehow a false equivalence between American conservatives anti-homosexual opinion and that of of those who kill and harm homosexuals and included the statement "No U.S. conservatives advocate the death penalty for homosexuality". I had to write in because I was vaguely aware that actually US conservatives had gone to Africa to support regimes bringing in or maintaining laws against homosexual acts with penalties up to and including death, so I knew that it was not true. I notice now she said "American conservatives" and I slipped into talking about "American Christians" which is was a bit of an error. I also pointed out the existence of murderous and unsavory self-identified Christian groups like the Lords Resistance Army that might be called radical Christians. My point was more that Islam while exotic to many of us in the West admits of few simple such inequivalences with the more familiar but equally diverse things like Christianity and one should be aware of that diversity in making broad statements (and also the potential consequences in stoking prejudice etc. of such generalities). Also, while it is difficult (and early) to assign blame or evaluate what was at work in this tragedy, one should not downplay out of hand the role of hostility to homosexuality (with its many forms) in the US may have been a factor and persists in American society.
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